In delivering a project with Qualification Based Design Build, we provide all of the services included with Construction Management at Risk and much more.

As the CM and the Designer of the project, we are ideal for controlling schedule, cost, and quality.


As designers, we manage planning milestones and design development deliverables by identifying critical path activities very much the same way as we do with managing the building’s construction. In the traditional Design, Bid, Build approach to a project, time is lost between the time the designed project bid and awarded only to finally get input from the Contractor identifying issues that must be corrected relating to constructability.


Because there is significantly greater feedback from the Trade Contractors with the DB approach, value management ideas, including life cycle issues, are introduced into Design Development much earlier in the project’s planning and design.

Quality Control

As the Design-Build Contractor accepts responsibility for the completed project and how it performs over its expected lifespan, there is much greater ownership of this responsibility from the Construction Team. How Request for Substitutions and Review of Submittals is managed leads to a higher quality of the materials and systems that compose the completed facilities.

With Design-Build, the inspection of work in place occurs daily. Systems and processes are in place to address defective or incomplete work throughout the construction process, thus minimizing the “Punchlist” period at the end of projects.