Construction Management, sometimes referred to as Construction Management at Risk (CM@Risk), has become possibly the most popular and preferred method of project delivery both for the Owner/ Developer and the Contractor.

In selecting this method of constructing a project, there is ample opportunity for collaboration and partnering. From day one, the Contractor works as a team member with the Owner and his design professionals.

At VMB, it is within our core culture to work with our clients in a very positive, non-confrontational way to bring the best value to their projects and to have the Owner so impressed with the completed project and the path that we took to completion that they would want our team involved in their next project.

We assist Owners with almost everything from site selection and programming to commissioning and warranty management and so much more in between. It is almost unlimited how many ways we have of economizing a project while maintaining its structural and aesthetic features.

Understanding that the CM for a project is selected based on his credentials, reputation, and availability, it is often asked where is the element of competitive cost.

At VMB, our fees negotiated for being the Project CM or Qualification Based Design Builder are commensurate with others in the industry, and therefore no need for having the fees competed for. With work awarded to vendors and trade contractors making up more than 90% of the actual construction value, cost competition comes into play.

We have access to the best vendors and trade contractors, and even in hectic times, we are committed to procuring at least 3 bids for each scope of work package for each project.

Though seldom would one CM’s fee to another’s vary more than 1% to 3%, it is not uncommon to see the amounts quoted on bid packages vary from 50% to 300%. At VMB, we understand this reality, and we know how to manage the process to make certain that the Trade Partners (Vendors and Subcontractors) are to be signed up at the right price for our clients.

As the project’s CM, we are in the best position to manage the projects’ schedule needs, including those elements of Design Development that need and appreciate Contractor input.

Knowing that our clients have hand-picked us as their CM of choice, we commit to delivering completed projects of the highest quality. We have the experience required to manage groups of Trade Contractors by seeing that such levels of quality are built into our projects.

Though many CMs and GCs have relinquished the practice of “Partnering” that was so popular back in the 1980s and still required on Federal Projects, Partnering is alive and well at VMB. We believe in this practice’s benefits for all members of a construction project, especially the Client/Owner.